What is Applied Theatre? 

APPLIED THEATER is defined as theater practice creating positive social and/or personal change, produced in non-traditional settings with participants from diverse and/or marginalized communities.

What We Do 

Our goal is to provide a forum for expressive and interactive dramatic art practices, relative to education, healing, and social justice, that disrupts oppression and engages communities in meaningful dialogue for social change. With an eye toward quality in performance and professionalism, we engage highly skilled actors to perform these shows in an intimate setting, with minimal tech and a more engaged, boundary-less approach. Performances are followed by a Q&A and space for personal reflection, as well as subsequent workshops in the weeks to come with the community members to continue the conversation.



Project Bridge aims to create spaces in institutions such as prisons and schools for transformative dialogue to occur. These facilitated practices focus on restorative processes that nurture love, forgiveness, and hope, rather than punishment and retribution.


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PROJECT BRIDGE is a Dandelion Productions program. Dandelion is a non-profit educational organization committed to social issue education via theatrical programming.